Can my dentist in Loughborough help with teeth sensitivity?


Lots of people get sensitive teeth and it can be for all sorts of reasons, so don’t worry yourself, if you’re getting that sharp shock when you reach for your cold juice or biting into a nice ice cream – often it’s not to worry about and there’s lots of things that can help. But it’s always worth getting in contact with your dentist in Loughborough to check there isn’t anything more sinister going on.

What causes tooth sensitivity?

It’s worth knowing that actually some people do just naturally have more sensitive teeth, just in the same way some of us bruise more easily or are more susceptible to headaches etc. Some people do just naturally have much thinner enamel on their teeth and it’s the enamel and helps keep away all those sensitive feelings.

For some people it’s not a natural problem though, it’s that the enamel has actually been worn down and there’s a number of courses for this. Some of us grind our teeth at night and wear enamel. Other people can be using the wrong toothbrush or brushing their teeth too hard. And for others it could be down to poor choices they are making in their diet. If you visit your dentist in Loughborough they will be able to discuss with you as to which issue they think could be causing your tooth sensitivity.

There are in some cases other medical issues that could be causing your tooth sensitivity. Acid reflux can cause acid to move up through the stomach and cause wear on the enamel. If you have gum recession this could impact tooth sensitivity and also other dental issues like tooth decay, broken teeth, chipped teeth or any wearing down of crowns of fillings. Again your dentist in Loughborough will be better equipped to discuss and diagnose this issue because of the sensitivity.

How can I treat my sensitive tooth?

If you are suffering just mild cases of sensitivity then there are plenty of options for you to purchase through your local pharmacy or chemist. Supermarkets and high street drug stores also carry lots of options for toothpaste to help numb sensitivity. Most of these types of products have a desensitising ingredient that will block the pain from traveling to the tooth.

If you are someone who likes to use a mouthwash then it’s recommended that you use an alcohol-free version to rinse your mouth with and this will be far less annoying to your teeth.

Take a look at what toothbrush you are using? Is it soft bristled? Hard toothbrushes can rub down the lining of the enamel so make sure this isn’t the case for you.

If your home remedies aren’t working it’s time to get back in contact with your dentist in Loughborough. They could then apply a fluoride gel or something more prescription graded to help densenitise the area – these products can also help strengthen the enamel.

If you are worried about tooth sensitivity don’t suffer in silence get in contact with our reception team at Peacock Dental Spa – any one of the team will be happy to answer any queries you might have.