Give your dentist in Loughborough the opportunity to brighten your smile

Bringing out the best in our patients


At Peacock Dental Spa, it is our wish for each of our patients to have a fresh and beautiful smile that truly represents them and the self-esteem levels needed to use it every day. We are a dentist in Loughborough that is firmly committed to providing great service in terms of bespoke dental and orthodontic care from inside a practice that has been designed to be as calming an environment as possible.

Staying on top of your oral health can be hard and is something that has been increasingly difficult over the last few years. Therefore, we want you to know that if you come to our practice for help, we will never judge you for the condition of your oral health.

Treatments our dentist in Loughborough can help with

As mentioned, at Peacock Dental Spa, we aim to provide our patients with high-quality procedures and methodologies to improve their smiles. Our practice has a distinct focus around both the aesthetics of a smile as well as its alignment.

We offer treatments such as orthodontics and Invisalign aligners, alongside dental implants for those who have an entirely missing tooth or teeth. We also focus on the cosmetics of a smile through our Smile Design service and teeth whitening and ensure that your tooth and gum health is in peak condition through our dental hygienists.

For any new patient who wants to improve the aesthetics or alignment of their smile but is perhaps unsure of which specific treatment route to take, we recommend that you arrange for an oral examination and consultation with our dentist in Loughborough. When you do so, it makes it far easier for our practitioners to work out how much treatment you will need as well as which routes may be open to you.

What are dental implants?

Whether you have lost all of your natural teeth, some or just one, living with a gappy smile is never easy and something that can lead to severe problems developing.

At Peacock Dental Spa, we offer our patients dental implants as they are a great way to solve the structural issues that missing teeth present on a permanent and lifelong basis. Dental implants work by placing a titanium alloy post directly into the patient’s jawbone through a surgical procedure whereby their gum is stripped back and a hole is drilled into the bone.

When the gum at the site of the incision is given enough time to heal, the titanium alloy post will naturally bond with the patient’s jawbone, meaning that the socket can then be used to hold prosthetics firmly in place.

While some who lose teeth may prefer dentures or crowns to fill the spaces in their smiles, these options do not present a permanent solution as they both call for support from a patient’s existing teeth and, therefore, can cause discomfort or pain if their existing teeth shift.

However, dental implants are a comfortable and permanent way to fix not only the superficial issues of having missing teeth but also the functionality, which can be a profoundly positive experience for those who receive them.