Why are visits to the dentist so important?


Most patients equate dental visits with treating a particular poor oral health issue, but this is only one aspect of what our dentist in Loughborough at Peacock Dental Spa focusses on. Modern dentistry is as much about treating conditions as it is about preventive care.

Preventive dental care is the not-so-secret secret to lifelong healthy teeth and gums. Whereas in the past, dental practitioners spent much focus on treating tooth decay and gum disease, now dental experts have realised that many dental problems can be prevented from developing further, saving patients from needless pain and discomfort.

By spotting troubling red flags, our dentist in Loughborough is best placed to take necessary steps to ensure the dental issue is prevented from escalating into a bigger dental problem. This is why we are so excited by the benefits of preventive dentistry – patients are saved the time and expense of having to deal with major dental work. Best of all, patients get to enjoy the immense benefits of good oral health.

Benefits of professional oral care

Whilst a patient may implement a good oral hygiene regime at home, professional check-ups at a dentist in Loughborough remain a critical part of looking after teeth and gums. Professional check-ups offer a wealth of rewards. Dental diseases are often linked to far reaching consequences for general wellbeing. Patients with disease, for example, have a heightened risk for developing cardiovascular problems and other dreaded diseases like diabetes.

There is no substitution for the knowing eye of an experienced dental practitioner. The symptoms of dental disease like oral cancers are easily identified by dentists. A dentist will conduct a thorough physical examination of the mouth and neck, knowing exactly what signs to look for.

Visits to a dental clinic are not only for treating a particular dental issue, but also an ideal opportunity to learn more about how to take care of dental health. At our dental practice, we offer patients advice on dentist-approved tooth brushing and flossing techniques, which the best products to use are, (products may differ according to individual patient needs) as well as tooth-friendly diets and lifestyle habits.

Patients are often surprised to learn that it takes more than just brushing to take care of teeth. Many of their lifestyle choices can also negatively impact oral health. Smoking, teeth grinding and using teeth as tools for purposes other than eating, all pose a threat to oral health.

Patients keep their beautiful smiles. Only a patient who has lost their natural teeth knows what the real cost of tooth loss is – not being able to smile a confident smile. A smile is a basic necessity to form a positive impression on others. Being embarrassed by one’s smile can thus cost a patient the opportunities to make friends, find romance and even find a job that is much more challenging.

Don’t live life in the shadows. At Peacock Dental Spa, we focus on quality dental care. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and let us help you restore your lost smile.