Why visits to the dentist are necessary


At Peacock Dental Spa, we strongly discourage patients from skipping out on their scheduled dental check-ups. While this may seem the easiest thing to do, patients often do not realise the full repercussions of neglecting to have their teeth and gums checked by a dentist in Loughborough on a regular basis. General consensus in the dental industry is that these check-up appointments should take place every six months (this depends on the individual patient’s oral situation).

Dental visits are not all about just getting one’s teeth cleaned. We take a look at the wide-ranging benefits these check-ups provide.

Vital importance of regular dental checks

Seeing a dentist in Loughborough is a win-win situation for patients. There are all-round benefits to having good oral care. Patients enjoy a healthy functioning mouth, keep dental issues at bay and retain their ability to smile wide warm smiles.

Healthy mouth function is essential for a healthy physical body. We require our teeth to be strong and robust to grind down food into easy-to-digest pieces, so that nutrients can be effectively absorbed for body functioning.

The presence of bad oral bacteria in the mouth is also cause for alarm as these harmful microbes can enter the bloodstream and reach vital organs like the lungs and heart. Good oral health keeps these bad bugs to a minimum which is good news for the heart too.

Professional oral care also helps to keep a watch out for signs concerning dental diseases like oral cancers. Oral cancer needs to be treated early to offer the best chance of beating the disease. This means that early detection of the disease is crucial.

Patients may worry about the cost of these dental visits, but we would like to point out that the costs of not visiting a dentist in Loughborough will be far higher. Minor dental issues are less expensive to treat. A deep, dental clean procedure will not cost as much as having root canal therapy or replacing lost teeth with a missing teeth replacement device. Gum disease is another dental problem that usually has a prolonged treatment duration that can add up in expense.

In addition to oral health complications and the financial expense of treating them, there is also the impact on mental wellbeing. Consider what a blow to a person’s self-esteem it can be when dental attractiveness is lost. If so much depends on an engaging smile to form a positive first impression, then a less-than-pleasing smile can reduce one’s chances of enjoying the company of friends, as well as negatively affecting one’s job prospects or professional advancements.

For patients who fear the dental chair, skipping out on oral health checks is not the answer. Neglecting dental care almost invariably necessitates professional dental treatment at some point. Dental issues do not go away; they just escalate until they can no longer be ignored.

With regular visits to our dentist, patients can best protect their health (dental and physical) and happiness. Don’t run the risk of losing your smile, reach out to our friendly front desk team at Peacock Dental Spa to set up an appointment for you.