About Us

About Us

Our story

Mike and Katy met whilst he was lecturing in France and they were both working for a UK based cosmetic orthodontic company.

More than love at first sight, it was a meeting of minds. They both shared the same philosophy towards dental care.

That philosophy is that you, the patient, are in charge.

Fast forward three years to February 2021 and Mike no longer owned his practice which he had in Coalville since 2002. Katy was heavily pregnant with twins and on maternity leave.

So, with no income and soon to have two additional mouths to feed, what better time to start a start-up dental practice than during lockdown as well?

They had both dreamt of owning the best dental practice ever, and despite the odds, now was the time.

The twins, Penelope and Jemima, were born in April, a healthy 6lb 3 and 6lb 13 respectively. Unfortunately, Katy was quite ill following the birth and it was a further nine days before she was allowed to come home.

They started the lengthy application process to register the new practice in May and it was a common occurrence to have Zoom meetings with the twins in slings, fast asleep or being fed whilst they discussed surgery layouts, radiology, and other safety measures.

The build started in July, quickly transforming the former Solicitor’s office to a state-of-the-art dental practice. Mike and Katy have not compromised on the quality of the equipment nor furnishings for their new venture. During this time, the twins were in virtually every day, and everyone got quite used to seeing them fast asleep next to an electrician doing his work, or a plasterer making a sudden call for a tea break when a nappy was changed!

our story

Mike and Katy started their recruitment in August, and the first team member on-board was Michelle, whom Mike had worked with for years. She is Peacock Dental Spa’s Practice Manager and runs the place extremely competently and efficiently.

The recruitment was hugely successful and in an industry with perennial staff shortages, they managed to gather a team brimming with experience and enthusiasm.

As ever, the build schedule didn’t quite go to plan, but a monumental effort in the last fortnight saw Peacock Dental Spa pass its registration with the CQC and so they were able to open doors, as planned, on the first of October 2021.

They were delighted and honoured to have local Olympian Morgan Lake formally open the spa for them.

Olympian Morgan

Why call it Peacock Dental Spa?

The lecture circuit in dentistry is male dominated, and Katy thrived on rising to that challenge. The more she was surrounded by grey and dowdy suits, the more colourful she became.

The term is called ‘Peacocking’.

Mike and Katy have always felt that you should be proud of your smile, and so they adopted the term for their dental practice, along with the hashtags #peacockyoursmile and #dentistrywithcuddles.

A dental ‘Spa’ is a dental practice that provides additional comforts for the patient alongside their treatment.

These include a massage cushion, the ever-popular paraffin hand wax and collagen eye patches.

You can also choose from a range of complimentary soft drinks, including our own branded coffee, ‘Peacock with a Brazilian’.

The Spa also has a bread maker near the reception. This removes the ‘dentist’ smell and instead infuses the building with the delicious aroma of baking bread.

About Us

Our brand and logo

We wanted to inject (no pun intended) a little glossus in buccinator humour into our Spa (that’s dental speak for ‘tongue in cheek’), and we called upon local company A dozen eggs to help us with that.

We wanted our colours to be bright and cheerful, and for our logo to be simple, yet precise and reflect both our work and our name. Do you think we achieved that?

The colours extend through the literature, the chairs and cabinets, staff uniforms and even to the loo paper!

The building
The building
The building

The building

Peacock Dental Spa is in Loughborough Town Centre, on Church Gate. Because it was built during the pandemic, all the safety features introduced due to Covid-19 were incorporated into the build. Heat exchanging ventilation systems ensure germs are cleared quickly. The building is compliant with the latest in cross infection control methods and is also compliant with the latest fire safety measures.

Your comfort is a core belief of Mike and Katy, so additional details were also introduced:

  • There is no reception desk. We believe these are a barrier to making you feel welcome, and it is all too often occupied with a ‘computer says no’ receptionist!
  • You do not have to listen to the receptionist talking on the telephone whilst you wait. We have a separate telephone room to ensure privacy.
  • We have a Consulting Room separate to the treatment rooms. This means we can listen to your needs in a relaxing environment. Especially useful if you are nervous or anxious.
  • We have a full time Treatment Coordinator. This is your first point of contact when you enter the Spa. Our Treatment Coordinator is not dentally qualified, so she will talk to you in words you’ll understand!
  • Having spent a lot of time in disabled toilets changing nappies, Mike and Katy wanted to ensure their disabled toilet was boutique quality.
The building

Our passion

Mike and Katy are passionate about customer care and believe excellent customer service starts with a happy team.

A happy team is a well-trained team, and so we have not one, but two, business coaches (Jas Darar of Reach Business Coaching and Mike Bentley of New Beginnings), plus regular in-house and external training. We also have an annual training weekend to ensure the team are fully up-to-date and on-board with all the systems and processes we run.

Our other passion is, of course, our two children, and we enjoy taking them to Queens Park, country walks and canoeing (yes, canoeing!) along Loughborough canal and the Soar.

Remember, be a Peacock in a World full of pigeons and we all look forward to meeting you soon!

Our passion
The building
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